First Annual 5k Zombie Fun Run & BBQ Fundraiser

October 19, 2019

in partnership with the:

Saturday, October 19, 2019

(start & end)

Riel Recreation Park

107 Ray Gibbon Drive, St. Albert, AB

Registration Time: 

Zombies:  9:30 am

Runners: 10:00 am

Race Start:

11:00 am

Barbecue Starts:

12:00 noon

Free for registrants and volunteers

Race Kit Pickup:

St. Albert Running Room, 17 St Anne St

Friday, October 18, 2019

12 pm to 8 pm


Live human race finishers: 1st to 3rd

Most voracious zombie (caught most flags)

Best human / best zombie costume


Purchase tickets:  3 for $10
Win tickets:  1 flag = 1 ticket

Come celebrate the Halloween season with our Zombie 5k fun run and barbecue!
Don't like to run? Be a zombie!  You can participate either as a human runner or a zombie (see below). It is Halloween time so we think everyone should come in costume (runners should not dress as zombies). There will be prizes for the first three human runners to make it through the route alive, most voracious zombie, best human costume and best zombie costume. And a barbecue at the finish line, for humans and zombies alike.

Human Runners:

Fee: $35 ($30 earlybird)

Your goal: Run the race; make it through alive!

Human runners are provided a flag belt with three flags. Your flags represent body parts that must be protected from zombies who will be trying to grab them because that's how they eat! 

If you lose all your flags, you die. If you cross the finish line with at least one flag intact, you have a chance to reap rewards. You can buy new flags at stations along the way, 3 for $10.

Ready to Play?
Zombie Register.png

Fee: $15 ($10 earlybird) 

Your goal:  Station yourself along the run route; eat as many runners as you can!

Human runners will be wearing a belt with one to three flags. Their flags represent body parts that you NEED to eat. The more body parts you eat (grab), the more chance of reward for you at the finish line! 


  • If all of your flags have been taken, you are NOT automatically transformed into a zombie. You are dead (you can finish the race, but you can't win). You can purchase additional flags at a cost of $10 for three new flags.

  • Direct and intentional physical contact with any runner or zombie is strictly prohibited. You are not to push, hit, punch, hold, tackle, kick, slap, scratch, pinch, spit on, bite, karate chop, or anything else harmful to the physical health of zombies or runners... no matter how frightened you may be. Those in violation of this rule will automatically be disqualified and potentially escorted off the grounds without refund.

  • No weapons or mock weapons.

  • Flags are to be visible to course officials and zombies (not covered by long clothing) and to be worn on the sides of the body not right in the middle. Particularly not right over your groin. Seriously.

  • Intoxicated runners or zombies will not be allowed to participate. Drugs or alcohol are not permitted.

  • You must stay on the course as it has been laid out.

  • We suggest that pets and small children do not race with you. We don’t want them to get hurt, or to induce nightmares. If you decide to bring them, you take full responsibility for them and their actions. Small children will be more comfortable in the run staging/bbq area.

  • Participants and spectators must abide by all instructions given from the event staff and volunteers.

  • Photographers and videographers may be stationed along the course. Participants, spectators and volunteers must sign this waiver agreeing to allow the event producer to use any pictures or video footage of the event for future promotional purposes.

  • The race starts at 11 am. Please Check your registration times (9: 30 am for Zombies and 10 am for Humans).

  • There will be water stations set up along the trail which will have first basic aid kits available for use if needed. Be careful … zombies.

  • The goal is for everyone to have fun while raising funds for The St. Albert Volunteer Centre and Sidekicks Youth Mentoring.


to volunteer or to find volunteers, visit:

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