Sidekicks Mentoring involvement in the community facilitates an informal exchange between the youth and the community. Other benefits to the community include:

  • Increased awareness by youth of supportive community members (service clubs, business owners, volunteers, service providers)

  • Higher likelihood of child becoming well-rounded adults when they receive encouragement during their youth

  • Community Partners/Sponsors receive increased patronage and opportunities for promotion of their business or organization

  • Youth are better prepared for the job market by skills gained through participation in the program

How You Can Help


As budgets get tighter and more and more businesses are flooded with requests for cash donations, we have developed a list of alternate ways to support our Program.

Donate an item/service that could be used by the families, volunteers or by the program in general (our office is right in St. Albert and we are able to get any time sensitive donations to the kids/families quickly).

Contact us at 780-459-6666 or


Some suggestions are:

  • Event tickets or gift certificates you are unable to use,

  • Servus passes, movie passes, swimming passes

  • Gently used skates

  • Teach a course of your expertise,

  • Give discounts or “freebies”! (2 for 1 coupons, etc.) We are very innovative in determining the best way to make use of an item.

  • Host a fund-raising event (ie: car wash, barbeque etc.!)

  • Volunteer to assist at a fundraising event such as a bingo or casino

  • Host or help plan a fun day for Sidekicks families (eg: hay ride, baseball game, swimming party, etc.!)

  • Let us know of a community project we may be able to help with!

  • Tell others about Sidekicks Mentoring!


to volunteer or to find volunteers, visit:

for resources or educational opportunities for non-profits:  Edmonton Chamber of Voluntary Organizations

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