One-on-one mentoring and positive group activities for child empowerment.
Sidekicks Mentoring matches community volunteers to school-aged children between the ages of 6 to 16 with the purpose of providing kids caring role models and opportunities for positive activities.
What is Sidekicks Mentoring?
Sidekicks provides mentors to teach, guide and empower St. Albert’s youth so that they may have happy, well balanced and hopeful lives. Sidekicks offers assistance to the child and family through special events, educational experiences and opportunities for the children to learn, create, grow and develop. Sidekicks believes that positive role models and mentors are crucial for children to have a happy, healthy and fulfilling childhood.
Sidekicks clients can be any child in need of a positive role-model / friend. It has been proven that children who have positive mentors do better in school and have a happier youth; therefore, we believe ALL children can benefit from additional adults and mentors in their lives. By providing them with a mentor, Sidekicks aims to improve their self-esteem and confidence.
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