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Screening Volunteers

Volunteer Canada has developed some useful information for screening volunteers. Screening involves recruiting, selecting, and managing volunteers in a manner designed to create a safe, enjoyable environment for everyone involved with the volunteering activity.

Through Volunteer Alberta, you can learn about the “10 Steps to Screening” and how to implement these steps within your organization to enhance volunteer screening practices. Please click on the link below to watch their informative video. This video will provide an overview of the following topics:

  • Learn about the important steps in the screening process

  • Learn how to plan for hiring a volunteer and implementing the important steps in the hiring process

  • Begin to identify ways to scale these steps for your organization

10 Steps to Screening

This video is available as a free resource through the Volunteer Screening Program with the support of the Government of Alberta.

Want More Information on Screening?


You can find more information about The 10 Steps to Screening in the Screening Handbook. The handbook features tools and resources to advance volunteer screening practices.

Meaningful volunteer engagement and the quality and safety of program delivery are improved through screening. Effective screening greatly reduce risks and liability for organizations and volunteers.

This indispensable guide, prepared in 2012 by Volunteer Canada for Public Safety Canada, is available free for download online. Please follow this link to the Volunteer Alberta website - Screening Handbook

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