"Pilgrims Hospice Society offers compassionate care for individuals living with a terminal illness, enhancing dignity and quality of life, until the end of life. With a whole-family approach, our programs also support caregivers and those grieving the death of a loved one."


Opportunities to volunteer may include:


Expressive Arts for Grieving Children & Teens: looking for individuals who have background in arts, social work, education and a caring heart for those who have experienced a loss due to death.


Home Hospice Visiting Program: looking for individuals to provide one to one companionship and compassionate support to adults diagnoses with life threatening illness and those needing end of life care, where ever they live (home, extended care facilities)


Hospice Day Program: looking for individuals Mon, Tues and/or Wed 9am to 3pm to provide social, emotional, recreational and physical support to adults diagnosed with a life threatening illness. This is a group setting supervised by the nursing staff.


No One Dies Alone Program: looking for individuals who are willing to volunteer on an on-call basis to support those without family or friends in their final hours of life.


Special Events, Fundraising, Administration, Advocacy: looking for individuals who have backgrounds or interests in these areas and can offer their assistance for specific events or short term projects.


Youth opportunities to volunteer may include:

 - Personal assistance centre voluntee


    Pilgrim Hospice Society


    to volunteer or to find volunteers, visit:  volunteerconnector.org

    for resources or educational opportunities for non-profits:  Edmonton Chamber of Voluntary Organizations

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