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Feeling connected to a community, having good friendships and pursuing interests important to you are all quite critical to feeling content and living well. 

Throughout our lives, many, if not most, of us will hit a period or two where we feel a little disconnected - relationships change, jobs change, friends move away, kids grow up. And feeling disconnected is not good for our happiness or even long-term health. 

We are here to help! If you need a new connection or two in your life, there are three easy ways to start: 

  1. JOIN something: a club, a sport, a program.
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  2. PARTICIPATE in something: go to an event or take a class. If it interests you, you will probably run into others with interests similar to yours. Remember to talk to people while you are there!
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  3. VOLUNTEER for something: find a community cause or action that interests you and contribute. You can meet new people and the very act of helping out will make you feel good. Working with a group toward a goal develops a sense of team and belonging, too.
    Visit our online Volunteer Centre >

Our job is to make finding new connections easier. If you don't find what you need by browsing through our site, give us a call or drop by

As a Community Information Centre, we provide information on and refer residents to over 400 programs and services offered by St. Albert organizations. Through links with regional partners, we provide connections to thousands more programs and services in the Alberta Capital Region.

As a Volunteer Centre, we know volunteerism is vital to a healthy community as well as individuals' sense of belonging. CIVC staff matches volunteers with organizations and events that need their help, and supports non-profits who rely on volunteers to help successfully deliver their services. 

The Sidekicks Mentoring program matches school-aged children between six and sixteen with positive role models, provides fun and supportive group activities for both children and their parents, and runs inter-school (high school to elementary) after school mentoring programs.




  • Everyone has a right to information on human services available to them.

  • Individuals have a right to determine what services they need.

  • Human service needs can only be met when an individual’s dignity is respected.

  • Volunteerism is vital to a healthy community.


All members of the St. Albert community will take personal responsibility through active involvement in meeting human needs. There will be full awareness of community information which will be used to meet identified needs. Community Spirit will thrive with the active participation of its members.


To provide community information and referral services, volunteer services for all community members, and one-on-one and group mentoring to children for the purpose of enhancing their well-being.


We serve the residents of the City of St. Albert and organizations that benefit them. 


  • City of St. Albert - Community and Social Development

  • Alberta Government - Alberta Culture and Tourism

  • United Way - Alberta Capital Region

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