Our goal is to match our clients with suitable volunteers. All our clients have this in common: they simply need more time with a good person who cares. Our clients may come from low-income or single parent families, have special needs or have special needs parents/guardians (ie: disability, grandparents, over-extended).

How do Children Become Involved?

Children can be referred to our program by a parent or guardian, their school, social service agency, or clergy, relative or friend, or a child can refer his or herself.

Once parental consent is obtained, from both parents if joint custody, the family submits an application and is interviewed by the Caseworker. For this, the parent and child are interviewed separately in order to protect privacy of all parties.

Why Join Sidekicks Mentoring?


Our main goal is to enhance children’s self esteem and encourage a sense of belonging for children who may feel marginalized in some way. This is accomplished through planned special events, donations from sponsors, and while on outings with their Volunteer Sidekick. Exposure to new activities and experiences which are different from their regular routines or opportunities can provide:


  • Improved social skills (and possible career information) as a result of positive behaviors role modeled by the volunteer

  • Increased one-on-one attention, a sense of being important to their Volunteer Sidekick and to the Community

  • Increased sense of self worth, accomplishment and community awareness through community projects

  • Opportunity to build trust, especially in those who have experienced abuse or abandonment in the past

  • Opportunities to meet new friends in similar life circumstances

  • The parent(s) and siblings of a child in the program also experience benefits:

  • Relief of pressure to fill all needs of child

  • Access to support from Caseworker (information, referrals, advocacy)

  • Inclusion at Sidekicks group events & family outings (picnics, Pool Party, Christmas party, etc.)

  • Opportunity to access workshops

  • Improved home life due to benefits to the child which often results in positive behavioral changes of the child

  • Opportunity to meet other single parents, establish a new support network for themselves

  • Emotional support from other families

  • Clothing exchanges, community and sponsor donations


After You’ve Started


Matches are chosen based on interests and needs of both the child and the volunteer, not on a first-come first-served basis. A meeting is arranged between potential match partners to determine compatibility. Once you’ve been matched, you and your match can plan and participate in activities together.


Evaluating your match


Online Surveys are to be completed by child, parent(s), and volunteers every 3 months.

Contact initiated by Caseworker, clients or volunteers if match is new or experiencing difficulty.


Outcome measurement conducted on a regular basis. Outcome measurement instruments have been designed to identify the needs of clients/volunteers and measure the delivery of services they receive.


More Information


Download an information booklet and client application form below (both are pdf files).  

For any questions or to begin the application process, please contact our Sidekicks Mentoring director @ 780.459.6666 


to volunteer or to find volunteers, visit:

for resources or educational opportunities for non-profits:  Edmonton Chamber of Voluntary Organizations

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