Sidekicks Mentoring offers a variety of different ways to become a mentor! Each mentorship opportunity requires a minimum time commitment of the volunteer, depending on your involvement as a group mentor or an individual mentor. The time you spend mentoring makes an incredible impact  - we believe in the power of positive role-models and their effect on our youth!

Sidekicks Mentors can be:

  • An adult mentor (volunteers ages 18+)

  • A peer mentor (volunteers ages 16+)

  • A family mentor (volunteer as a couple or family)


Why Volunteer?


  • Meeting new people (with common interests in youth and in activities such as sports or hobbies)

  • Learning new personal and career-related skills (communication, problem-solving, interpersonal relations)

  • Documented volunteer hours in preparation for post-secondary education

  • Sense of contributing to the community

  • Sense of fulfillment by making a difference in the life of a child

  • Access to training/ workshops (orientation, child sexual assault, and more)

  • Caseworker support regarding personal matters/ problems if needed

  • Exposure to family situations and experiences which may differ from those previously experienced, therefore increasing awareness/appreciation of diversity

  • In case of family/couple match, an opportunity to volunteer with own family members

Getting Started – What You’ll Need

No screening process can guarantee an individual’s performance nor can it predict future decisions an individual may make. Still, all screening components play a valuable role in providing information about the individual, which may be helpful in determining their suitability and readiness to be a Volunteer Sidekick and also the resources, skills and abilities they bring to role.


  • Sidekicks Volunteer Information Booklet

  • Sidekicks Volunteer Application Form

  • Three (3) Personal references

  • Criminal Record Check and Child Information Check

  • In-depth interview

  • I.D. & Verification of Insurance

  • Orientation


After You’ve Started

Matches are chosen based on interests and needs of both the child and the volunteer, not on a 1st come/1st served basis. A meeting is arranged between potential match partners to determine compatibility. You and your match can plan and participate in activities together


Evaluating your match

  • Online Surveys completed by volunteers, verbal reports by the volunteer, parent(s) and child every 3 months.

  • Contact initiated by Caseworker, clients or volunteers if match is new or experiencing difficulty.

  • Outcome measurement conducted on a regular basis. Outcome measurement instruments have been designed to identify the needs of clients/volunteers and measure the delivery of services they receive

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to volunteer or to find volunteers, visit:

for resources or educational opportunities for non-profits:  Edmonton Chamber of Voluntary Organizations

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