The St. Albert Community Information and Volunteer Centre connects residents to programs, events, and local non-profits to make life richer, happier, and safer for everyone. 




How to help: 

We've heard from residents who want to help those in our communities who have to self-isolate. The safest, most effective way to do that, for you as a volunteer and for those who need help, is to register with one the professional agencies who do this kind of work regularly. 

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If you are feeling isolated at home, your amazing community is still here for you!



online live 

Community Calendar

There is so much to do in and around St. Albert and Sturgeon County!

But right now, we all need to stay at home as much as possible. To make that easier, a whole new kind of volunteer is stepping up to teach or entertain you - LIVE and ONLINE >. 

Jump online and connect today! 

Join one of the awesome activities someone in your community is putting online today - it really can help ease feelings of boredom and isolation!

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