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The 2018 Income Tax Season

January 28, 2018

St. Albert Community Information and Volunteer Centre (CIVC) is proud to once again host the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program (CVITP). If you seek help with your taxes, and are a qualifying individual with a modest income, we can book an appointment for you in March or April.

Key dates in 2018 tax season:

  • Week of February 19 – We will begin calling back clients who have reached out to us, and asked to be told when we are beginning to book appointments. You can get your name on this list by contacting us at 780–459-6666, or [email protected].
  • February 26 – Canada Revenue Agency’s EFILE system will be up and running, enabling our volunteers to file returns electronically. Our volunteers will not be providing tax preparation services any sooner than this date.
  • February 28 – This is the deadline for employers and other payers to file T4 slips. If you are waiting on such a slip to arrive by mail, and your payer sends it out at the deadline, it could be into March before you have it.
  • March 1 – On or shortly after this date, CIVC will begin hosting daily tax appointments at our centre. This will be predominantly weekdays, but we will provide some evening and weekend appointments as well.
  • April 30 – A Monday. This is the tax filing deadline. If your income tax return reveals that you owe CRA money, you should file on or before this date to avoid penalties.
  • May 1 & 2CIVC will host a couple of dates after the filing deadline, but we strongly recommend getting your taxes submitted before May, especially if you will owe CRA money.

Learn more about the CVITP: