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Mission Statement


Human Service needs can only be met when an individual’s dignity is respected.
All individuals have a right to determine what services they need.
Every person is entitled to assistance in meeting their needs.
Everyone has a right to information regarding human services.
Volunteerism is vital to a healthy community.
All services must be provided in a non-exploitive way.


The Vision of Community Information and Volunteer Centre is that all members of the St. Albert community will take personal responsibility through active involvement in meeting human needs. There will be full awareness of community information which will be utilized to meet identified needs. Community Spirit will thrive with the active participation of its members.


To provide community information and referral, and volunteer services for all community members.


Will serve the residents of the City of St. Albert and organizations which benefit its residents for Information and Referral and Volunteer Services. Direct human services will be provided to individuals in greatest need, if cost effective.