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Literacy and Tutoring Resources

Searching for a Tutor

If you are a parent who wants a tutor but finds the costs difficult to manage, you are not alone. Just like with finding a babysitter, the networks of family, friends, neighbours, coworkers, and community members you know may be of use to you in finding someone affordable.

Below we have compiled a few known agencies and individuals who offer tutoring, studying, or literacy services, located in St. Albert:

Searching for Low-cost Options

Your child’s school

Talk to your school. Schools often keep a list of tutors who are available for hire. Some schools may be able to arrange tutoring or similar extracurricular learning during or after school hours with its employees or with student peers, but this practice varies from school to school.

Family, friends, neighbours, or co-workers

Networks of friends, family, and co-workers often provide valuable connection to resources. Family and friends may be willing to provide time to help your child(ren) as a tutor at a rate you find affordable, or perhaps they know of someone who can meet your tutoring needs.

Faith and cultural communities

A faith or cultural organization to which you belong may have parents in situations just like you, some of whom may have useful tips. You might also find helpful members who are willing to assist you within your means. Check if your faith or cultural community has an info board, a newsletter, or other means of putting your request for a tutor out to fellow members.

Common Experiences While Searching for a Tutor

  • Tutors earn on average $20/hour[1] in Canada; sometimes tutors ask for a higher rate, especially those tutors with more education and experience.
  • From time to time there are groups which offer peer tutoring or study sessions between youth of high school & college age; however, we are not aware of any current ones.

What Will I Ask a Tutor To Do?

If you hire a private tutor for your child, some things you should discuss with them beforehand are:

  • The rate of pay you agree to.
  • The school subjects to be tutored.
  • The dates and times you want to have your child tutored.
  • Whether you want the tutor to be in direct contact with your child’s teacher(s).
  • Where you want sessions hosted (ex. your home, the tutor’s home, public library, at school, etc.).
  • What goals you want to achieve (ex. grades on assignments and tests related to the tutored subject; skills; confidence).